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      來源:http://www.seantivirus.com/ 發布人:aisaiwen 發布時間:2023-02-28

      How about the production of relief sculpture? It can be done simply, such as preparing a relief board, nailing several nails with different distances on the board surface, and connecting the nails with lead wire. Its function is to make the mud stick firmly on the board without falling off.
      The sculptor piled 4-6 cm thick mud on the relief board. Draw the general outline of the sculpture on the clay board, and then continue to pile mud according to the outline or dig out the mud outside the outline as the basic level. In order to carry out in-depth sculpture, we need to add the high level and dig the low level, that is, determine the large level. Determine high and low points c
      According to the shape and structure of the sculpture object, shape it with the compressed ups and downs until the sculpture is completed.
      Generally speaking, it is better to learn how to make relief on an upright or inclined frame of 10-20 degrees rather than on a flat surface. Because to achieve a certain degree, we should use different light to check the work and see the outline. After being erected or tilted, defects that are not easily detected under the same light can be found, so as to facilitate modification at any time, so that the products can achieve certain good results under different light. This is especially important for beginners.
      Shandong relief sculpture manufacturers believe that relief production is a work that is both interesting and can improve artistic skills. Engaging in this activity in leisure time is an activity that cultivates artistic sentiment, improves image thinking ability, and is beneficial to health (relief creation is also a relatively tiring art work). Dealing with clay will make your leisure time more substantial, rich and meaningful.
      The relief is not only made of clay, but also made of wood, bamboo, jade and marble. Although the materials are different, the basic principles of sculpture are the same. If you have any understanding or need for relief sculpture, you can come to the website at any time http://www.seantivirus.com Consultation or exchange!
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