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      Sculpture can be seen in many places in our life. When we observe it carefully, we will find that many sculptures are more or less damaged. How to deal with the damaged sculptures? Next, Shandong relief sculpture manufacturer will explain to you:
      1. Rust spots: Rust on stainless steel products or equipment can sometimes be seen before or during production, which indicates that the surface is seriously polluted. Rust must be removed before the equipment is put into use, and the thoroughly cleaned surface shall be inspected by iron test and/or water test.
      2. Welding defects: welding defects such as undercut, incomplete penetration, dense pores and cracks not only reduce the firmness of the joint, but also become the corrosion source of crevice corrosion. When cleaning operation is carried out to improve this result, they will also carry solid particles. These defects can be repaired by re-welding or re-welding after grinding.
      3. Oil and grease: Organic substances such as oil, grease and even fingerprints can become the corrosion source of local corrosion. Because these substances can act as a barrier, they will affect the chemical and electrochemical cleaning effect, so they must be thoroughly cleaned.
      4. Paint, chalk and marker printing: The impact of these pollutants is similar to that of oil and grease. It is recommended to wash with a clean brush and clean water or alkaline detergent, or wash with high-pressure water or steam.
      If the sculpture is seriously damaged, such as broken, large pieces of missing materials, etc., you need to contact the sculpture manufacturer, ask the manufacturer for a maintenance plan, and repair according to the maintenance plan provided by the manufacturer.
      The seriously damaged sculptures may need to be modified by electric welding machines, laser cutting machines, etc., and repaired by various means. After the repair, the sculpture should be polished, painted and other subsequent maintenance and protection treatment to prevent the sculpture from being damaged again.
      When maintaining large sculptures, professional operators are also required to operate them. Good maintenance can improve the service life of sculptures. Come to our website for more relevant content http://www.seantivirus.com consulting service
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