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      The basic components of GRC are cement, sand, fiber and water. In addition, polymers, additives and other materials are added to improve the later performance. Next, Shandong GRC component manufacturer will talk about the daily maintenance and joint processing methods of GRC materials!
      Daily maintenance of GRC materials:
      1. Try to avoid dust and stains. If the surface is stained with dust or stains, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it, and make sure that the vacuum cleaner is a soft brush, because if it is hard, it may scratch the sandstone.
      2. The sealing shall be carried out as soon as possible after installation: the sealing mouth can be used as a protective layer, which can well prevent the entry of dust and stains and the evaporation of water in the sandstone, otherwise, it will be damaged when it reacts with substances in the air.
      3. Do not touch oil dirt: oil or dirt will cause the sandstone background wall to stain. If it is contacted, it should be cleaned as much as possible.
      4. Avoid using ceramic tile cleaner for cleaning, because it will fade the ceramic tile, so clean soft cloth and warm water should be used, and frequent wiping can prevent the deposition of harmful chemicals and damage the surface.
      The splicing joint treatment method of GRC material construction:
      GRC material construction splicing joint can be treated with "open joint" and "concealed joint". The so-called "open joint" refers to the decorative effect that GRC materials are assembled by reserving 12~20mm natural seams at the seams according to the design requirements of the drawings and certain building modules. The "hidden seam" treatment method needs to be repaired at the splicing joint of GRC material, so that the line can achieve the overall smooth and uniform decoration effect.
      After the assembly of GRC materials is completed, the joints shall be cleaned, and mixed with sulphoaluminate cement, construction glue, acrylic acid lotion and alkali resistant fiber yarn in the proportion of 1:0.2:0.05:0.02 (weight ratio) to form a viscous slurry. The joints shall be repaired and compacted to 2mm of the GRC surface. After 72 hours, the dust at the joint shall be removed, and then the cement-based sealant shall be injected and leveled.
      The daily maintenance and joint processing methods of GRC materials are shared here. GRC materials are light, high strength, high toughness, water resistant, incombustible, sound insulation, heat insulation, and easy to process, so we believe they will be more and more widely used. Come to our website if you need http://www.seantivirus.com Ask about it!
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