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      Relief is the product of the combination of sculpture and painting. It deals with objects in a compressed way, and represents three-dimensional space by perspective and other factors, and is only available for viewing on one or both sides. It is used more in buildings, and can be seen on utensils and implements. In recent years, it has played an increasingly important role in urban beautification. Next, Shandong relief sculpture manufacturers will talk about the forms of relief.
      Embossed compression
      It is assumed that there are three axes in a solid space; X axis, Y axis and Z axis, where X axis is vertical axis, Y axis is horizontal axis, and Z axis is vertical axis. When making relief, keep the X axis and Y axis unchanged, and compress the Z axis and compress all the above on a plane. How to keep the X, Y, and axis unchanged, first carefully draw up the draft, then apply a layer of accumulated soil on the point far away from you, and then apply three layers of accumulated soil on the point near you. If you are making a sculpture close to a round relief, the same is true, but don't forget to reduce the ratio of the Z axis at any time.
      Use illusion
      This method is often used in multi-level and more complex composition, and it is often the combination of high, medium and low relief. It is common for the foreground characters to be painted and embossed. As the scenery goes on, it becomes more and more flat until the background needs to be painted slightly. Here, the defining mark of the performance mode needs to be clear. A. High relief is the feeling that the object may come back. B. The middle relief should be compressed to half of the Z axis. C. The shallow relief may be compressed to one tenth. The use of the difference in thickness is to use the human visual illusion to push the objects behind to the front, even on a plane, if necessary.
      Outer contour lifting position
      It refers to the position where the front and back contours and the vertical height of the background at the junction of the outer contour and the background are called the starting position. When observing and learning other people's relief works, pay special attention to how these joints handle the side of the relief, and observe how the artist handles the small changes, and how the distant eye just emerges from under the eyebrow brush. This positioning technology is very important in relief. It can distance the main body from the background, make the relief have a three-dimensional sense, and show multi-level.
      In a word, relief is a kind of carving. The sculptor carves the image he wants to shape on a flat plate to separate it from the plane of the original material. We have finished the explanation of the above forms of relief. If you have any doubts and needs, please come to our website http://www.seantivirus.com Consult!
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