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      As a new type of interior and exterior wall decoration material, GRC components have the characteristics of light weight, fire prevention, sound insulation, moisture prevention, etc., so they are used in many construction industries. They should be combined and connected with the wall during decoration. If the connection is not good, it will affect the overall effect. So what is the correct connection? Let's take a look.
      Correct connection of Shandong GRC components:
      1. Fix the assembly directly on the wall with expansion bolts
      (1) The bolt passes through the rib of the component to fix the component to the wall. 3. The components are installed on the steel keel, which is connected with the main structure of the building.
      (2) The bolts are connected with the wall through the embedded parts on the components.
      2. Small parts can be glued to the wall
      (1) Members shall be installed on the main structure or wall of the building. If the wall is a lightweight wall such as aerated concrete and hollow brick, a special and reliable installation system needs to be designed. Reliable anti-rust measures shall be taken for all connectors and keel systems, and galvanized steel or stainless steel connection materials shall be used.
      (2) The connection point between the component and the wall needs to be a certain distance (more than 10 cm) from the wall edge to prevent the expansion bolt from splitting the local wall or inadequate anchoring.
      (3) It is required to adopt various connection methods such as connectors, anchors, keels, etc., and carry out structural calculation to meet the strength and stiffness requirements under the action of dead weight, wind load, seismic load, dry and wet deformation, and temperature deformation. The installation node of the component needs to consider the large dry and wet deformation of GRC components, and allow appropriate displacement to release the component.
      (4) Internal force caused by deformation obstruction. In general, the installation method of welding all component connection points shall not be used.
      (5) When installing members on concrete beams, columns or shear walls with expansion bolts, it is necessary to consider that the drilling position just has reinforcement, and use double-hole long plates to avoid or connect the plates to adjust the drilling position.
      Precautions for GRC component and wall connection
      1. Connection of GRC components and walls. If there is no waterproof requirement, it can be filled with cement mortar; Those with waterproof requirements need to be sealed with building sealant or other waterproof materials.
      2. The joints with wall changes (such as cornices, windows, doorways, balconies, awnings, water inlets, wall abrupt changes, corners) shall be designed in detail according to the actual situation. At the edge, special attention should be paid to the possibility of installing bolts to split the wall. Therefore, the location of the GRC component cement component should be determined to ensure that the installation bolts keep a certain distance from the edge.
      In short, there are many connection methods between GRC components and walls. Different connection methods can better connect the two. I hope these methods can help you. Come to our website for more information http://www.seantivirus.com Consult and understand!
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